planned by Omoto-Kyo & Onisaburo Deguchi

*First, I want to clarify that when I say Jews, most of the time I refer to the illuminati Jews, not ordinary Jewish people.

Fake corona pandemic was plotted by the illuminati Jews. By making use of this plandemic, they are planning to take over the cities all over the world.

The information about the corona pandemic has been flooding over the internet since the outbreak emerged in China and spread throughout the world, causing economic and social instability.

I will write about the truth behind the pandemic, revealed based on Rapt theory by Kawata and Nana.

The government and media all say coronavirus is very dangerous and infectious. Everyday we hear the corona pandemic news and how hazardous it is. Some cities were locked down in order to stop the spread of the virus and many people’s lives are affected. Some urge that there might be 2nd and 3rd waves of the pandemic and we should be prepared.

On the other hand, on internet it has been revealed that the pandemic is fabricated and corona virus is just a flu or cold.

The corona pandemic had been plotted in advance by Jews. They are using this pandemic to take over the cities around the world.

Kawata and Nana have exposed that Jews have conspired together to plunder the land, assets and property of other people by using nuclear bombs, man-made earthquake, fake nuclear power plant incidents. This time they are also attempting in inhumane ways to take away the property and lives of people.

Moreover, this scheme was put into action in charge of Omoto-kyo, Japanese cult, that has strong influences on Japanese politicians, similar to Sun Myung Moon of the Unification Movement that had influences on politics in the Asia and the US.

Crime Foretelling

First of all, Jews always foretell their crimes through cartoons, comics, movies, and novels before they proceed the large-scale plot.

In the comic “Akira”, the situation in Japan in 2020 was portrayed. The work was made 38 years ago, but it depicts the 2020 Olympic in Japan, the risk of cancellation, and spread of infectious decease.

Furthermore, the Japanese government being criticized of its counter-measure by the WHO in the comic. (伝染病=infectious decease 対策=counter-measure 非難=criticism)

Likewise Akira, there is a spaceship called “CORONA” in the movie “MEMORIES” made by the same author.

Nevertheless, the novel The Eyes of Darkness, published in the US a year before Akira’s publication, predicted the pandemic too.

On page 333, it is written that dangerous bioweapon was invented in Wuhan and the weapon is called Wuhan-400.

And also, the TV show Dead Zone: Episode Plague, was aired in 2003. During the episode kids got infected of a highly infectious unknow virus. Later it was discovered that someone on the flight from China to the US brought the virus. The virus was SARS related coronavirus. The doctor found out that they could stop the coronavirus deaths using a malaria drug called Chloroquine.

Also, in October 2019, the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hosted Event 201, simulating the corona pandemic.

For Jews foretold their plans like these, you can see how important this pandemic is to them.

In fact, the worldwide pandemic has occurred every 100 years.

1720, Plague

1820, Cholera outbreak

1920, Spanish flu

2020, Corona pandemic.

Interestingly the infection routes of the corona pandemic and Spanish Flu in Japan is very similar.

One of reasons coronavirus spread in japan was the cruise ship Diamond Princess.

This cruise departed at Yokohama Port, then it came back and anchored there even after the infection was detected.

The spread of Spanish flu in Japan was also caused by the ship that was staying at Yokosuka. Then the virus spread from Yokosuka to Yokohama.

————————————————-(quoted and translated bellow from this

During Japanese occupation in Taiwan, 3 of sumo wrestlers who went on provincial tour there died of pneumonia in 1918. That led Japan investigate the case of Spanish flu. In the same year in May, infection occurred on the warship harboring at Yokosuka military port, and then it spread to Yokosuka city to Yokohama city.

————————————————-(end quote)

Don’t you think there are too many coincidences? It is really hard to believe the pandemic has naturally occurred.

The mainstream news reports the pandemic is very severe, yet many people are already aware that it is just an exaggeration and fake news.

Dr. Jensen talked about how ridiculous the CDC guidance is and how the hospitals get money when they get covid-19 patients.

Senator Scott Jensen said that : Right now Medicare is determining that if you have a COVID-19 admission to the hospital you get $13,000. If that COVID-19 patient goes on a ventilator you get $39,000, three times as much. Nobody can tell me after 35 years in the world of medicine that sometimes those kinds of things impact on what we do.

There is an incentive for the hospitals to inflate the number of deaths from covid-19 to make money.

The same case went on in Italy.

————————————————-(quoted bellow from here)

Professor Walter Ricciardi, scientific adviser to Italy’s minister of health said:

The way in which we code deaths in our country is very generous in the sense that all the people who die in hospitals with the coronavirus are deemed to be dying of the coronavirus […] On re-evaluation by the National Institute of Health, only 12 per cent of death certificates have shown a direct causality from coronavirus, while 88 per cent of patients who have died have at least one pre-morbidity – many had two or three,”

————————————————-(end quote)

You can look further into the other cases here.

The media keeps telling us that the covid-19 is very infectious, but this is just a mere propaganda. Look at the video below.

Also, there was a fake info that 14,470,000 phones were found in crematory in Wuhan, fueling anxiety that there might be more deaths than reported.

However, this photo had been taken in India before the corona pandemic started.

The population of Wuhan is estimated to be 11million. If this info were true, that would mean the entire population in Wuhan were wiped out. In reality, people still live there.

On YouTube, there was a video filmed by a man searching covid-19 patient in New York, where the pandemic hit hard.

He couldn’t find any when he searched Presbyterian Hospital.

All mainstream media is trying to stoke fear over the pandemic, but the real number of deaths from covid-19 and its patients would tell otherwise.

Moreover, there are some interesting facts about coronavirus tests.

————————————————-(quoted below from here)

1. Initial batches of tests overseen by the CDC were found to be contaminated themselves with the coronavirus;

2. Scientific studies such as this one found the error rate for false positives was an astronomical 80%;

3. The tests are based on the RT-PCR or PCR test which merely isolates genetic RNA/DNA sequences and cannot prove causation or tell you if that genetic sequence has anything to do your state of health. Thus, a positive or negative result is meaningless in terms of telling you whether the alleged ‘virus’ has anything to do with your state of health or your capacity to ‘infect’ another;

4. The current tests use a DNA swab and thus are engaged in DNA harvesting. This is connected to the synthetic biology/synthetic DNA/genome editing industry which coincidentally Bill Gates is heavily invested in (e.g. 2 small examples of many: Gingko Bioworks and Editas Medicine); and

5. The virus allegedly causing COVID-19, SARS-CoV2, fails Koch’s postulates and has still never been isolated, purified, re-injected to cause disease and 100% proven to exist. How can these tests identify a virus which has never been conclusively proven to exist?

————————————————-(end quote)

The Tanzanian president ordered to check the quality of test kits and got some interesting results.

————————————————-(quoted bellow from here)

The president said he had instructed Tanzanian security forces to check the quality of the kits. They had randomly obtained several non-human samples, including from a pawpaw, a goat and a sheep, but had assigned them human names and ages.

These samples were then submitted to Tanzania’s laboratory to test for the coronavirus, with the lab technicians left deliberately unaware of their origins.

Samples from the pawpaw and the goat tested positive for COVID-19, the president said

————————————————–(end quote)

Coronavirus test kits are unreliable and most of covid-19 patients are probably falsely diagnosed.

Now please take a look at the picture bellow.

When you get infected of covid-19, you will get fever, dry cough, body aches, exhaustion, etc. These are the same symptoms of influenza. You could get a symptom of pneumonia from flu, so the coronavirus is actually just a virus like flu and cold, and its name has been just changed in order to frighten people.

As you can see, more you research corona pandemic, more lies you discover.

The real purpose of this fake pandemic plotted by Jews in detail.

Its primary goal is to establish the world government.

The former UK prime minister called on world leaders to form the world government to tackle the corona pandemic.

○Gordon Brown calls for global government to tackle coronavirus

Jews have been conspiring to form the world government and conquer the world. They have been executing their plans secretly.

They have been planning to establish the NWO in Japan in charge of Japanese Emperor, but the other want New York-based NWO, so they have been fighting each other for a long time.

As stated earlier, the purpose of the pandemic is to establish the world government.

In Japan, there is a sect of Jews – Li (also spelled Lee) family that is descendant of Levi clan. Li family is also one of the illuminati 13 bloodline. They are playing a central role in this plandemic in order to form the world government.

The Li family is originally Chinese Hakka, yet Hakka is actually Jews who migrated into China around 6th century B.C. Check the post bellow.

Almost all powerful politicians and public figures in Japan (and most of Asian countries, such as China and Korea) are in the bloodline of Li family.


They arrived at Japan long time ago, acquired authority, and have been ruling Japan with great power and wealth they posses.

In fact, Emperor Jimmu, the first Emperor of Japan, was descended from the Wani clan. “Wani” is the Jewish Levi tribe, so he was Li family.


Jews have been rebelling against God and worshipping satans that appeared in the Bible. They tried to build a large city, with a tower that reaches to the heavens.

At that time, they plotted to form the world government, and the tower built in the city is called Tower of Babel.

People speaking the same language colluded to build the city in order to make a name for themselves and prevent their family and people from being scattered. However, God confused their language and made them not understand each other, stop building the city, and got them scattered. As a result, their plans failed.

Their wiles were once prevented, yet they have been colluding with their scattered people and trying to establish the world government in secret.

In spite of great power and wealth they posses, it is impossible to form the world government at once; thus, they are proceeding its fundamental plans step by step.

These plans include building massive infrastructure of pipeline, railroad, highway, electricity supply network over the border, such as International Highway Project and One Belt, One Road Initiative (or Belt and Road Initiative).

International Highway Project was promoted by Sun Myung Moon, founder of the Unification Movement (Unification Church).

A part of its project – Japan-Korea Undersea Tunnel – has been under way.

In Korea, the spread of Corona pandemic was deliberately caused by the cult group, Shincheonji Church of Jesus. They have ties with the Unification Church.

The founder of the cult Shincheonji is Lee Man-hee (Also Li/Lee family). His teacher Daesun Park and Sun Myung Moon held satanic rituals called “pikareum”, an act of sexual intercourse under Chong Deuk-eun.

Daesun Park (left) and Sun Myung Moon (right)

○Chong Deuk-eun

And the Unification Church has had a three-generation relationship with Nobusuke Kishi, his son Shintaro Abe, and his grandson Shinzo Abe, who are of the Li family. Sun Myung Moon also had close relationships with many western leaders, such as Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Bush HW.

jewish #Truth #mystery #Why?
14. Christofascism — Ordo ab Chao

The International Highway Project is not well-known since it is not covered by the media.

However, this project is underway in different form.

It is One Belt, One Road Initiative, which Chinese President Xi has been pressing forward with.

Lawrence Wong - In Beijing now to attend the Belt and Road ...

One Belt, One Road is a global development strategy adopted by Xi Zinping under his belief “Community of shared future for mankind” involving infrastructure development and investments in over 80 countries across the continent and international organizations.

The Belt and Road - The China Trade Week - KSA 2020

Chinese investors’ money are pouring into cities and ports on route of One Belt, One Road, and the infrastructure development has been accelerated.

Major cities along One Belt, One Road have been developed into smart cities, managing and controlling all data and information.

In smart cities, self-driving cars run and people can use public service and shop with just facial recognition. On the other hand, all the information on people’s activities, including the date and location would be stored and managed by computer.

Nowadays, many companies, especially major IT companies, are participating in the development of smart cities.

In Japan, Toyota and NTT are famous for their plan to build a smart city called “Woven City” at the foot of Mount Fuji.


Interestingly, major cities on One Belt, One Road have primarily taken smart city development. These cities and places where corona pandemic has hit are perfectly matching.

Jews are taking advantages of corona pandemic to lockdown cities, expel and kill people in order to deprive land and buildings.

First of all, Wuhan, where corona pandemic was originated, has been developed into a smart city by the government since 10 years ago.

Wuhan is called Silicon Valley of China. It has been an important base connecting cities in the continent since the ancient era.

Wuhan has a station for a freight train “China-Europa Rail Service“, which is a pillar of One Belt, One Read. It is a key place for trade.

See the source image

China-Europa Rail Service is a railway from cities in China to Duisburg in Germany through European cities. It has been playing an essential role for trading among China and Europa.

Among European countries, Italy had the highest number of deaths of covid-19. The northern cities that were first locked down has been undertaking an infrastructure development as a base of One Belt, One Road.

○Italy joins ChiItaly Signs on to Belt and Road Initiative

Italy is the first G7 country to sign on to One Belt, One Road and has close ties with China.

There are approximate 300,000 Chinese living in Italy.

And, in the suburbs of Milan in Northern Italy, one of the biggest mixed-use developments called Milanosesto is underway.

Another European country that was hit hard by coronavirus is Spain.

Wife of Spanish PM Sanchez got positive for covid-19 as well as two of ministers. They faked the infection of the fake virus to raise anxiety over the country.

○Wife of Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez tests positive for the coronavirus

Spain has not signed on to One Belt, One Road, but it remains a key stop for its initiative.

Moreover, Spain has been actively involved with smart city development. The worldwide leading event for a smart city was held in Barcelona in 2019.

○Smart City Expo World Congress 2019

Already smart city development has been underway in several cities in Spain. In 2023 the smart city called Elysium city is set to open.

○Europe’s first ‘intelligent’ city to launch in Spain

Travel News - Elysium

The corona pandemic in Germany hasn’t been that severe since the deaths from covid-19 are a lot lower than other countries, yet a number of infected person is quite high.

In Germany, Nordrhein-Westfalen state is one of cities that have a large number of covid-19 infected person. Its city Duisburg is a key hub for One Belt, One Road. Duisburg is a sister city of Wuhan.

In addition, Duisburg is cooperating with Huawei to undertake a smart city development project.

○Huawei Deepens Cooperation with Duisburg to Transform Germany’s Industrial Heartland into a Smart City

Information showed above is just one portion. Cities that have experienced many cases of deaths of covid-19 and infected person, or undergone lockdown have been heavily involved in smart city development, One Belt, One Road, or both.

Jews are taking strong measure to achieve plans, such as One Belt, One Road and International Highway Project.

During corona pandemic, many firms went bankrupt and a lot of people lost their jobs. However, medical-related firms and pharmaceutical companies have been in increasing demand since the pandemic began.

For example, General Electronic started manufacturing ventilators in corona response.

○GE, Ford sign $336 million federal contract to make ventilators for coronavirus outbreak

GlaxoKlineSmith is working on COVID-19 vaccine and supports coronavirus vaccine development.

Some of Japanese pharmaceutical companies have been getting an attention due to the pandemic.

Takeda Pharmaceutical has been developing coronavirus drug, and Mitsubishi Pharma Corporation is working on coronavirus vaccine.

Recently, Fujifilm’s Avgan (Favipiravir) is considered effective for coronavirus treatment.

Many other companies set out for coronavirus counter-measure.

And companies above are all connected to Bill Gates and the government of Japan. All infectious decease prevention and vaccine development in worldwide epidemic response are carried out through funds that mainly come from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Japanese government.

The Japanese gov and the Gates Foundation are members of CEPI and GHIT Fund – organizations funding vaccine development. Major pharmaceutical companies develop vaccine through the fund from them.

Bill Gates is suspected to a culprit of this pandemic. In fact, the Japanese government and especially Shinzo Abe are part of it as well.

Gates is a founder of Microsoft, but for some reasons he has been involved with vaccine development for a while.

Gates has also been investing heavily in smart city development.

○Bill Gates invests $80 million to build Arizona smart city

However, not only Gates but also IT companies, involved with a smart city, support vaccination and participate in its development.

In fact, pharmaceutical companies mentioned above all have been participating in smart city development.

IT firms and pharmaceutical companies seem irrelevant, but they are actually connected through corona pandemic and a smart city.

First, Takeda Pharmaceutical partners with NEC for vaccine development. NEC is involved in smart city development around the world as it collects, stores, analyses, and manage all data, using its smart city platform.

Takeda Pharmaceutical’s parent organization is infamous Unit 731.

Most of its members were researchers of Takeda.

Unit 731 was researching biological and chemical warfare and conducting lethal human experiment during second Sino-Japanese war. Its remnants are still at the top position of Japanese pharmaceutical companies.

They experimented on humans, infecting them with plague and anthrax, and performed various inhumane acts such as poison gas experiments and frostbite experiments.

And the top of Unit 731 was actually Nobusuke Kishi, grand father of Shinzo Abe.

Now you can see Abe’s involvement with coronavirus.

More interestingly, Takeda has received $38m grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Its CEO is Chiristophe Weber, a former high executive of GlaxoSmithKline.

○Takeda Receives $38 Million Grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to Support Polio Eradication in Developing Countries

GlaxoSmithKline is a company that developed a terrible cervical cancer vaccine that has serious side effects.

Through Takeda, Unit 731, Shinzo Abe, Bill Gates, and GlaxoSmithKline are connected.

Now let’s take a look at Mitsubishi Group. You might be familiar with the name from its cars. The group provides geothermal heat pump, self-driving bus, and smart meter data collection system for smart cities. The group has Mitsubishi-Tanabe Pharma under its umbrella.

Mitsubishi-Tanabe is also connected to Unit 731. Shiro Ishi, a leader of Unit 731, founded Green Cross, which later merged into Yoshitomi Pharmaceutical. Yoshitomi Pharma merged into Mitsubishi and they formed Mitsubishi pharma, which became Mitsubishi Tanabe.

Next one is Fujifilm. It is funding a firm that built Haneda Innovation City. Fujifilm Holdings’ CEO is Shigetaka Komori. He is one of the brain of Shinzo Abe and they have a good relationship, like going to golf together.

During the pandemic, Avigan is praised and covered a lot by media. This is because Komori and Abe have close ties.

There is high possibility that Avigan is actually anticancer drug, causing serious side effects and health problems.

Therefore, Avigan is powerful medicine and mere poison.

Its poisonous effect might cause pneumonia that could kill people.

Mentioned earlier that GE is making money out of the planned pandemic. GE also provides technology necessary for smart city development. GE was an motive for Bill Gates to get interested in computer.

He has paid a courtesy visit to Shinzo Abe.

As mentioned above, everything is connected to Shinzo Abe.

In the past, there was a hot topic that a future person named John Titer appeared on the internet bulletin board and predicted various things in the future. The time machine he was using was set to “Made by GE”.。

John Titor predicted that Japan would be divided into three parts.

The RAPT blog uncovered that the Illuminati Jews were trying to divide Japan and seize land from people, as John Titer predicted.


○RAPTブログ ジョン・タイターの予言は既に着々と実現しています。「蝦夷共和国」はユダヤ人を北海道に移住させる「河豚計画」の一環として誕生する予定です。

For that reason, Jews have seized land one after another by causing artificial earthquakes and disasters all over Japan.

In 2018, earthquakes frequently occurred in Hokkaido, and when the typhoon overlapped, it caused a great damage.

These earthquakes and typhoons were also artificially created with the aim of robbing the land.

○TALK RADIO 〈Vol.10〉 北海道地震と大阪地震は100%人工地震である。 (真犯人は麻生太郎・安倍晋三・東出融)

In Hokkaido, more and more land is being acquired by Jews, especially the Li family.

Jews are not only trying to immigrate to Hokkaido, but they are also trying to develop it as Silicon Valley in Asia.

This is why Takafumi Horie, founder of Livedoor, is developing rockets in Hokkaido.

His look is very similar to Hak Ja Han, a wife of Sun Myung Moon, founder of the Unification Church. He may be a child of hers. He has tweeted and remarked in favor of the Japan-Korea tunnel development.

Moreover, Takafumi Horie, like Bill Gates, is a vaccine promoter and recommends the vaccination of GlaxoSmithKline’s cervical cancer vaccine.

At the Horiemon Expo, he invited Heizo Takenaka as a guest and talked about vaccines.

Heizo Takenaka is a big villain who destroyed the Japanese economy under the Koizumi administration. Now he has been appointed to chairman of the advisory panel of experts for super city.

○Super City Smart City Forum 2019
~The Latest Trend and Prospect of Japan and Overseas for Super City~

Super city is the name of smart city changed by the Japanese government.

And “Heizo Takenaka”, whose real name is “Heizo Li”, is the Li family.

Also, Son Masayoshi of SoftBank is deeply involved in smart city plans. He has built many mega solar power generation facilities all over Japan and six power generation facilities in Hokkaido.

He is involved in the fabrication of the pandemic by announcing on Twitter that he would arrange a coronavirus test for 1 million people and ordering 1 million masks to Japan.

Masayoshi Son is also of Li family even though his last name is different. He has established the “Renewable Energy Foundation” and is promoting a interconnected power generation and transmission plan called the “Asia Super Grid Initiative”.

○About Asia Super Grid (ASG)

Looking at the range, you can see that it is very similar to the route of the International Highway Project.

Hokkaido’s land is still slowly being acquired by Jews, but there are places in Japan where the land has already been taken over.

That is Fukushima.

The 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake struck Fukushima, and a tsunami swallowed its vast land.

Furthermore, due to the nuclear incident, even the inland residents who were not affected by the tsunami were forcibly evacuated. They are still unable to return home.

The Japanese government has demolished houses damaged by the earthquake, increased property taxes on the vacant lots, and forced residents to give up their land.

The 2011 victims face a sixfold tax hike in property taxes.

The Jews are buying up land at bargain price from people one after another, by plunging land prices around the nuclear power plant.

And what Jews are trying to do on the land of Fukushima is to build a smart city.

The vast areas including places that were designated as a difficult-to-return-zone or damaged severely by tsunami are planned to become a smart city.

They have been warning that nuclear power plants are so dangerous. They kept the residents out while planning to develop a smart city like this.

In addition, companies that contribute to the smart city in Fukushima can receive subsidy up to 1 billion yen.

○Powerful Support Systems and Industrial Accumulation

In addition, the land taken away from people is rented to companies with annual rents of 300 yen/m^2, 84 yen/m^2, 54 yen/m^2, 200 yen/m^2, which are large bargain prices.

GE, Microsoft, SoftBank, Mitsubishi, NEC, etc are also involved in the Fukushima smart city plan.

And smart city development is underway on land that was robbed by Jews.

The Abe administration is currently focusing on “regional revitalization”, but “regional revitalization” is the “smart city plan” itself.

Jews are trying to take over the cities around the world by creating this corona pandemic to form the world government in order to complete their plans.

The first step is One Belt, One Road. Why Xi can play an active role worldwide is because he is backed by Hakka (Jews) and Overseas Chinese

It turns out that Belt and Road is just trying to reproduce the policies of the Mongolian Empire.

It was Genghis Khan, his sons and grandchildren who built the Mongolian Empire.

They built up the empire and extended control over vast Asian countries and Europe. They prospered most around 14th century.

On map below, the area covered by blue is Mongolian Empire. It matches with One Belt, One Road.

In Mongolia at that time, thriving trade, urban infrastructure development, and currency unification were also carried out.

The “One Belt One Road” policy is just a copy of the Mongolian Empire’s policy.

And the true identity of Genghis Khan who built the Mongolian Empire is said to be “Yoshitsune Minamoto”.

This is very likely to be true for there are many evidences of Yoshitsune in various places in Mongolia and the Chinese mainland.

Yoshitsune is Seiwa Gen clan and the linage of the Emperor Jimmu; therefore, he was the Jewish Li family.


Mongolian Empire started declining due to the plague epidemic that happened in 14th century,

The Li family plots to take over the world to revive their glory of golden age of the Mongolian Empire.

Right now Xi is playing a primary role on One Belt, One Road, but he actually has an inseparable relationship with Japan.

There isn’t much information available, but Xi has close ties with Soka Gakkai. It has been said that he graduated from Soka University. Also, he has a close tie with Taisaku Ikeda.

Moreover, the belief of “Community of shared future for mankind” advocated by Xi has the same meaning of “Hakko Ichiu” stated by Emperor Jimmu.

“Hakko Ichiu” is a slogan that “Let’s live in harmony with all humankind on earth like parents and children living in one house”.

And, Sun Myung Moon of the Unification Church also stated “all of mankind are members of one worldwide family“.

Moreover, Ryoichi Sasakawa who founded the political organization of the Unification Church, International Federation for Victory over Communism, also espoused the notion that “the world is one family; all mankind are brothers and sisters“.

Sasakawa established Sasakawa Japan-China Friendship Fund. He became a member of The World Red Swastika Society, China’s religious association, and supported it.

Furthermore, he had strong influences on China since he had a close relationship with Deng Xiaoping, the paramount leader of the People’s Republic of China at the time.

In this way, Xi Jinping promotes One Belt, One Road on the basis of Li family’s belief, associating with the Unification Church and Soka Gakkai.

The Soka Gakkai is known by many people as one of the most famous emerging religions in Japan, but almost all religious cult groups in Japan, including Soka Gakkai, were born of “Omoto-kyo”.

Omoto-kyo is a religious group created by “Onisaburo Deguchi”, and is the parent religion of famous religious cult groups such as Seichou no Ie, Mahikari and Aum Shinrikyo.

And most of the influential figures, entertainers, and celebrities in Japan’s political and business world worship Onisaburo Deguchi.

Mentioned earlier that Sasakawa belonged to The World Red Swastika Society, in fact, many of those who participated in it were Omoto-kyo related.

And, as research on corona pandemic went further, it became clear that the principal plotter of the pandemic is Omoto-kyo.

First of all, if you replace the corona with a number in Japanese, it becomes 567. In Omoto-kyo, the number 567 is important and read as “Miroku“.

They are worshiping the satan called Kuninotokotachi, but they equate and worship Kuninotokotachi and Maitreya (Miroku Bosatsu in Japanese).

It is believed that Maitreya would appear 5,670 million years after the death of Buddha and save humanity.

“Maitreya (Miroku)” means three 6s, that is the devil number “666”.

In fact, Bill Gates, who is involved in this pandemic, is also likely to be a believer in Omoto.。

Microsoft’s “MICRO”, which he launched, is said to be the anagram of “MIROC = Miroku = 567”

In addition, because the Microsoft’s “Windows95” mark looks like the Japanese characters “三” and “田”, it has become a hot topic that it may have a close relationship with Japan. The origin of Mita City in Hyogo Prefecture is from Maitreya Bodhisattva (Miroku Bosatsu).

————————————————-(quoted below from here

A study conducted by the Ministry of Education in 1932 found the womb of the Maitreya Bodhisattva statue at Kinshinji Temple, which is said to have been thrown into a pond to avoid difficulties, but such cases are by no means rare.
There, “the place is called Matsuyama no Sho. This is changed to Mita by 三田 (Mita) of Kinshinji 三福田 (Sanpukuden). Exactly, it was a black ink book that explained the origin of the place name “Mita.”

This “Mifukuda” is a Buddhist term and refers to 三田 of 恩田, 悲田, and 敬田.

————————————————-(End quote)

Also, in Japan, there is a clan called “Mita”, and the family crest is three-way which means Miroku, “666”.

And at the beginning, I told you that the “Corona Pandemic” prophecy is written on “Page 333” of “Dark Eye”. The number 333 is also sacred to Oomoto.

It was 3/3 in Showa 3 (1928), when Onisaburo Deguchi reached the age of 56 years and 7 months, when the numbers “567” were lined up.

On that day, a festival called “Miroku Grand Festival” was held at Omoto。

The numbers “567” and “333” are numbers that symbolize Omoto and Onisaburo Deguchi.

————————————————-(Quoted below from here

The “Miroku Grand Festival” was held at Kameoka Shrine on March 3, Howa 3 (1928) (formerly February 12).

This day is exactly 56 years and 7 months after Onisaburo was born on July 12, 1871.

The founder of Omoto, Nao Deguchi is called the soul of izu (厳の御魂 Izu no mitama), the priest Onisaburo is called the soul of Mizu (瑞の御魂 Mizu no Tama). The soul of izu has a deep connection with “5”, The soul of mizu has a deep connection with “3”.

It is said that Maitreya (Miroku) appears on the earth and rescues humanity 5.67 billion years after the death of Buddha, but in the main book, the number “567” has a deep meaning, and it is written as “567” but read as “Miroku”.

It can be said that it is a godly mechanism to reach Miroku’s age of 56 years and 7 months on March 3, in 3rd year of Showa when three 3s related to the soul of Rui are lined up.

On this day, Onisaburo declared “Miroku gesho,” and finally began to work in the world for the Miroku supernatural work.。

This is one of the most important events in the Omoto Shrine.

———————————————————–(End quote)

In fact, Onisaburo is of the Li family.

It is said that he was a hidden child of Prince Arisugawa Taruhito of imperial family.

As I mentioned earlier, the royal family, starting with Emperor Jimmu, all have the bloodline of the Li family.

In addition, Onisaburo is also called “Wanisabro”. This “wani” is the “Wani clan” who came to Japan, and the Wani are the Jews and the Li family.

Shinzo Abe’s wife, Akie Abe, frequently visits the religious institutions of the Omoto religion, and also has a friendship with “Hikaru Deguchi”, a descendant of Onisaburo.

Onisaburo Deguchi left various prophecies during his life, and it is said on internet that those prophecies were correct! However, it is not that the prophecy came true. Just the Jews are executing the plans according to his prophecies.

He left prophecies about the Tokyo air raid, the atomic bomb, and the Great Kanto Earthquake, all of which are known to have been deliberately carried out by Jews.

It was found out that the “smart city plan” that is currently underway is just carrying out the prophecy of Onisaburo Deguchi.

○Prophecy of Onisaburo

What he prophesied were…

"If you press one button, you can see the play of Edo of flowers."

This is about computer and TV.

Then, he prophesied

"A wristwatch-type, small projecting machine would be made"
"A phone as small as a watch would be made.
"We would be able to talk to anyone anywhere in the world while looking at their face."

These are smart phones and Apple Watch.

"A bullet train would float on the ground and run seven hundred kilometers per hour."

It is probably a linear motor car.

He also prophesied wind and tidal power generation.

"Use of tidal power and wind power would also be popular."

"While the electric wires are stretched over the ground, it's a useless world, if it becomes" Miroku's world ", there will be no such thing."

This mentioned that electric wires would be placed under ground.

"Money is unified into one mechanism and bartering is also used."

This one reminds of electronic money.

If you connect all his prophecies, it becomes obvious that they were all about a smart city.

Onisaburo Deguchi plotted to conquer the world and went to Mongolia to establish a new state.

That was “Manchuria”.

In fact, the first idea to establish Manchuria was of Onisaburo Deguchi.

○RAPT×読者対談〈第106弾〉出口王仁三郎と日本軍による世界征服計画とその失敗。 (I’ll post this in English once translation is done)

Although his plan eventually failed, Jews, especially Li family, are trying to achieve his longing plan again in the form of “One Belt, One Road.”

Also, Tenmei Okamoto, a disciple of Onisaburo Deguchi, wrote down a revelation called “Hitsuki Shinji” received from Kuninotokotachi (Lucifer), and that says that the ideal world would come after the world was perished twice, as the war, disaster, plagues become prevalent.

And then, Shinichi Nakaya, a believer in Omoto, said that it was the second time for the rebuilding of the world, and after the rebuilding gets over, Japan would become the center of the world.


In other words, with this corona pandemic, they are planning to establish Japan, the Li family as the center of the NWO.

But we must not let the Li family rule this world.

In Joseon Dynasty, founded by the Li family, people were treated like lower than livestock, and they were constantly suppressed through exploitation and violence.

And the unit 731, which was a direct supervision of the Li family, repeatedly conducted human experiment and massacres that were too cruel to describe.

Shinzo Abe, who controls Japan, is also the Li family, and because of his messed up politics, the people get so poor that they can’t have proper meals, and every year there are so many suicides in Japan.

Even though the Li family have a human appearance, their inside is satans.

It would be the end of world if they happen to create a world government and really control the world.

Therefore, the city takeover plan by this corona pandemic must be thwarted.

For this reason, this pandemic is all made up, and we must inform the world that no coronavirus exists.



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