Behind Hitler, the Japanese Imperial Family

Hitler rose to power rapidly, stood out as a leader, and gained enthusiastic (cultic) popularity among Germans. It is well-known that Nazi was associated with Occultism and Hitler was very obsessed with it. That occultism is obviously satanism, which Illuminati has been practicing since ancient times.

Hitler used to be a painter, but suddenly he changed his path to a politician. At his early age, his association with satanism probably began.

Hitler spent 5 years and a half in Vienna. Trevor Ravenscroft, an English historian, stated that he trained himself as a sorcerer there. During that time, Hitler met an owner of a bookstore specializing on occultism. He did study on ritual sorcery of Maya and Azteca. He found Hitler’s talent, so he had Hitler get mind and spiritual training.

It is also noted that Hitler read a lot of books, and these books were Ancient Roma, eastern religion, Yoga, occultism, hypnotism, astrology, the Bible, Ancient Aryan’s scriptures Rigveda and Upanishad, texts of Zoroastrianism Avesta, and Egyptian’s Book of the Dead.

Azteca, Maya, and Ancient Roma were countries where satanism was widely practiced. Also, eastern religion (probably Shinto, Mikkyo, Tibetan Buddhism, etc.), occultism, astrology, and Zoroastrianism are all satanism.

Hitler’s grandfather is said to be Salmon Mayer Rothschild. Rothschild is a Satan worshipper, so it was natural for Hitler to become a Satanist as well.

In fact, Adolf Hitler was a puppet of the Emperor of Japan.

Nazi Germany’s National Flag
German Empire Coat of Arms.

The Nazi’s flag is red. Red is Rothschild. Yatagarasu = the Emperor of Japan, and Rothschild sided with Japan, so Nazi was under Japanese Imperial Family’s control.

Communist and Socialist countries were under control of Rothschild and the Emperor of Japan, and they have been promoting the Japan-centered NWO.

On the other hand, capitalist countries were under Rockefeller control, and they have been promoting the US-centered NWO.

Communism was created by Rothschild to shut out Rockefeller’s capitalism.

Therefore, Rockefeller had thought that Hitler was at their side since Hitler advocated anticommunism. They had not known that Hitler was a grandson of Rothschild, so they were fooled by Hitler’s campaign at first.

When Hitler took power and established his dictatorship, he started intensely persecuting Catholics. Hunting Catholics was started under Alfred Rosenberg, the member of the Nazi.

This resulted in deteriorating relationship between the Nazi and Vatican.

Nazi Germany even signed a non-aggression pact with the Soviet Union right before the WW2 began. The pact was “Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact”, also known as “the Treaty of Non-aggression between Germany and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics”. This means the USSR was not the enemy of the Nazi, so Germany would not attack the USSR.

In fact, Joseph Stalin was also a son of Rothschild.

No one knew at that time that Hitler and Stalin were related.

After the pact was finalized, Germany and the USSR invaded Poland and they divided it into a half and shared it together.


“Blue” is Germany. “Green” is the USSR. “Red” is Germany’s opponents.

If the territories of Germany and the USSR got integrated, there would be the huge country. By looking at this, it is very clear that Nazi Germany and the USSR were allies.

The USSR also attempted to conquer Baltic states and even Finland. If they had succeeded the conquest, most of the Europa was under possession of Rothschild. And if their territories and Asian and Eastern European countries under Japan’s dominance had been merged, the massive country had been born. If that had happened, the Emperor of Japan-centered NWO might have been achieved.

However, the USSR lost to Finland. In history books and texts, the case was that Finland’s army was superior, so they could beat the USSR. However, it is very likely that Rockefeller financed Finland to prevent Rothschild plans.

After that, for some reasons Germany abandoned the non-aggression pact with the USSR and started attacking them.

Under normal circumstance, there was no reason Germany would fight against the USSR. (*zero possibility for Germany to win this fight)

It is reasonable to think that Rockefeller bribed Hitler and led him to betray Rothschild. Hitler would not have made an enemy of such a massive power Rothschild by himself without any backup.

In another word, Rockefeller bribed and aided the top Nazi members and tried to stop the NWO of Japan, which Rothschild was pushing.

Hitler followed the orders of Rockefeller and failed Rothschild’s plans. As a result, Rothschild lost a half of Germany. Western Germany became under the US control and the Rothschild plans did not go as planned.

Then, Hitler received lots of money and escaped to Argentina for the prize from Rockefeller. Also, other Nazi members got help of Vatican and escaped to South America like Hitler. The Nazis reconciled Vatican and sided with Rockefeller at some point.

In June 1941 Hitler started invading the USSR.

Japan, ally of Germany, attacked the Pearl Harbor in December 1941.

Within 6 months period, both Germany and Japan started a losing battle.

The attack of Pearl Harbor was plotted by the Freemason, Isoroku Yamamoto (Rockefeller side) to lead Japan to a losing battle with the US.

High-ranking officials in Germany and Rockefeller agents in Japan led them to lose the war.

That’s why Germany and Japan lost the WW2.

The Sorcery battle at the WW 2.

There was an occultist and magician, Aleister Crowley. He considered himself as “the beast 666” – the devil who would come to destroy Christianity. *(He is said to be the greatest sorcerer in 20 Century. Obviously, he was a Satanist.)

He welcomed the WW1 as the baptism of blood necessary to sweep away the old age and usher in the new one. Then, he prophesied more destructive world war would come and started indulging in evil sorcery.

As a result, he damaged his public reputation, but the British Intelligence recruited him. One who appealed them to appoint Crowley was Ian Fleming, the author of 007.

Crowley gathered witches in England and had them perform the black magic ritual that they believed would prevent Hitler’s landing on England.

During the WW2, lots of assemblies of witches were held and witnessed.

And the Victory sign was first used by Winston Churchill. It was very effective to strengthen the morale of allied forces.

The V sign = the sign of Apophis and Typhon. Crowley asserted that he invented the sign.

The V sign is application of the magic power of pentagram, said Crowley.

The silhouette becomes a Satan.

In Germany, there was a skilled astrologer, Karl Ernst Krafft.

Some of high-ranking Nazis admired him. Joseph Goebbels, Reich Minister of Propaganda, took an interest in his precognition and promoted him to the member. What he ordered Krafft was to make a pamphlet consisted of the prophecy favorable to Germany based on Nostradamus’s prophecy.

Occultism was booming in Germany, so they thought that the propaganda would make Germans believe the Nazi’s territorial expansion would be a mission assigned by God.

The high officials of Nazi highly valued Krafft, and he gave military strategies acquired from astrology. However, he started prophesying that the Nazi’s victory would not last for long.

He foretold that “Germany would have continual victory from 1942 to winter in 1943. However, the astrology afterward is desperate, so Germany should stop fighting by the end of 1942”. However, this prophecy was ignored.

Meanwhile, the MI5 also hired the astrologer, Louis de Wohl. They were aware with the Nazi’s devotion on astrology.

The British Intelligence tried to predict Hitler’s unpredictable moves through astrology.

Wohl’s first job was reverse-decoding Hitler’s plan for an invasion of the mainland UK. His decoding was very successful. He continued to successfully decode Krafft’s astrological strategies.

Warfare between Wohl and Krafft expanded to propaganda. As the Prophecy of Nostradamus was made favorable to Germany and became widespread, Wohl created its counter propaganda and spread it.

His plans were to send a counterfeit horoscope that would sway and influence German people’s minds at national sentiment. He put the information disadvantageous to Germany into the fake horoscope and sent it to Germany via Sweden.

It was successful that the horoscope reached to many Germans and their disturbance started spreading.

However, this astrological warfare ended in a strange way. Hitler’s right-hand person Rudolf Hess suddenly flew solo to Scotland and got arrested. This really shocked the world.

It is certain that he was a British agent.

Rudolf Hess

Hess was a member of Thule Society. There is a similar secret society in England. That is the Hermetic order of the Golden Dawn. Hess got along with Duke Hamilton – a ranking member of the Golden Dawn. Why the high-ranking Nazi like him got along with the enemy country’s secret society was because he was a British spy.

He was the one who kept convincing Hitler that the real enemy was not the UK but the USSR even though the USSR was an ally. He must have tried to make the Nazi Germany oppose the USSR.

In addition, he did not even get killed in the UK. Somehow, he even got acquitted on war crimes and crimes against humanity at Nuremburg Trials.

He got charged with concerted plan and crimes against peace and sentenced to life imprisonment. However, his family, politicians and scholars asked the Allies for his commutation. However, the USSR always declined. Hess betrayed the USSR and convinced Hitler to attack the USSR, so of course they did not forgive Hess.

His acts and statements prove he was a British spy.

  • He stated that the USSR was the biggest enemy and Germany must not attack the UK. Germany must fight against the USSR.
  • He alone flew to the UK and tried to make that situation.
  • He had a close tie with the British secret society, the Golden Dawn.

On the other hand, Karl Haushofer kept warning Hitler that Germany must not march against the USSR.

Karl Haushofer and Japan’s relation

He was a geographer and politician. In fact, he was a member of the Japanese secret society – Enryukai (緑龍会 ltl. Green dragon society).

Enryukai was a secret society that existed in Kyoto, Japan prior to the WW2. It was a geopolitical group that connected Japan and Germany and had pacts, such as Triple Alliance and Anti-Comintern Pact signed. Some of its members from Enryukai went to Germany before the WW2 and contributed to the Nazi establishment.

Nazi’s symbol is a swastika that is a sorcery of dominance on all sides encircling the center. Enryukai twisted the swastika and made it the Nazi’s symbol.

Enryukai is a secret society of the Japanese Imperial family. Therefore, no wonder Haushofer warned Hitler not to attack the USSR since Germany and the USSR are Japanese Emperor’s side.

However, Hitler did not listen.

Karl Haushofer

He stayed in Japan as a naval officer for some years since 1908. During that period, he devoted to study Zen. Prior to his arrival in Japan, he had engaged in espionage in India and Tibet. He claimed that he had got esoteric from Rama monk in Tibet.

He created a secret society called Vril in Berlin. Its purpose was to research roots of Aryans and do spiritual and mind training to withdraw the Vril energy.

Haushofer met Hitler through his student Rudolf Hess at Landsberg Prison. He frequently visited Hitler and taught him that that superior Germanic people must dominate all the world and put an end to Jew’s control over Germany. Then, he implanted the idea of taking over the world by occultism into Hitler’s belief. This was obviously the NWO. Haushofer taught Hitler the NWO plans.

He advised Hitler to write “Mein Kampf”, and he became a co-author. Hitler was imprisoned until 12/20/1924. He was treated well there. “Mein Kampf” was written during that time.

Haushofer served Hitler as a political advisor in 1920s. At the same time, he became the advisor of secluded region.  His published “Journal of Geopolitics” became a basis of Nazi’s policy and theory.

A lot of his work’s subjects were about Japan.  His work implies that Japan should be the center of the NWO. He said the Pacific Ocean was the center basin and that sea-nomad – roots of Japanese – was building the combining cultural sphere from islands in India to American continent. Probably this is about the MU continent.

He supported the Japan’s move during the WW2 and the world conquest plan of Nobuhiro Sato.

If Haushofer was siding with the Japanese Emperor, no question why he supported these. They want to create Japan-centered NWO.

He also stressed that Japan should focus on the Pacific Ocean rather than the continent. He thought it was necessary for Japan, Germany, and the USSR to cooperate.

Actually there was a movement behind the scene forming partnership with Germany, the USSR, and Japan. However, Hitler broke it, so Haushofer’s mission also failed.

Enryukai ordered those who failed missions to commit ritual suicide. This is exactly what Haushofer did. He had poison with his wife and died after he failed his missions. There were some scholars who claimed that he did hara-kiri. Japanese Imperial Family controled Hitler through him, but he failed his task.

Probably even Hitler only knew the partial plans, not the whole plans. He was just a puppet, but he was surrounded by spies and started believing them. They kept telling Hitler that the real enemy was the USSR. At some point, he may have lost his mind and got deceived. Then, he started attacking the ally, the USSR. That’s the reasons why Germany lost the WW2.

The WW2 was information warfare with sorcery and astrology. The UK intelligence was one step ahead, so they successfully deceived Hitler to attack the USSR.

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