I will talk about how I found my path.

When I was 17, the East Japan Great Earthquake hit Japan. That was one of turning points of my life. After the earthquake, I got interested in politics and economics because of the poor and inappropriate government response; thus, I started questioning their policy and plans. At that time, I was still at high school, but I was eager to research any topic related to politics. As I continue digging up the information, I came to realize that many politicians in Japan were deeply connected to China and Korea. I was mad at how unpatriotic they were, but didn’t know why they were so. My anger just blinded me and I fell into a trap, “divide and rule”.

Because I wanted to know the truth, I began reading conspiracies; however, none of them was adequate and sufficient. They all were lacking, somewhat misleading or ignoring one side and favoring another. I could only find some fragment of truth, so I was perplexed thinking of which information was right or wrong. One day I found a blog of Rapt while searching some information on internet. At first, I was surprised of contents and subjects he covered and exposed, yet his theory is consistent, logical, and coherent. I thought “this is what I was looking for”. Soon I got into reading his blog. Since I started understanding his theory, my mind got very clear and I started seeing light in my life. It made me feel that the world I live in and everything I see have changed. As I read, I gain hope and strength. Then I realized that the truth refreshes our mind. It sets us free and gives a hope.

I used to put myself apart from religions since I had thought they were causes of wars and conflicts until I found the Rapt blog. In fact, most of them are mere satanic from the beginning and a lot of Christianity has been destroyed and taken over by satanic groups. All conflicts have been caused and plotted by satan worshippers. Virtually illuminati worships satan and they make plans through connecting to their idle devils. Because I came to realize satan exists for their plans couldn’t come from human’s head but only from satan itself, I started thinking God also exists. Then I also started wanting to know about God, so I got interested in what Mr. Rapt preaches about God and his will besides Rapt theory.

Since I started listening to the God’s words he tells, slowly I’ve been getting able to distinguish what is right and wrong clearly. Changes in what and how I think also alter my decisions and deeds. I came to realise through his teachings that wrong thought and belief have been causing me suffer in my life, so I have been trying to fix my thinking and change myself from inside. As a result, I can walk on my path without getting lost and worry. In our world, many people say “you don’t have to change yourself, just stay as you are”, “no one is/can be perfect” or “oh I’m not good at this, this isn’t for me”. However, almost all people must be thinking that they want to change who and what they are to become a better person. They must want to change a part of themselves they don’t like. Through the God’s words, Mr. Rapt tells that we can change ourselves and become perfect one day if we try hard and put an effort every day, but we also need to overcome our weakness. Those words really gave me a hope because I used to think humans could never be perfect. It is not easy for sure, but it’s not impossible.

It is very gracious to be able to believe we can be perfect. It requires me to work harder than I used to be, but working hard to grow up spiritually and as a human makes me very happy and rejoice in God. Only when we work hard, we can see our weakness, wrong thinking, and mistakes. Then, we can try to overcome our weakness and change how we think. When the way we think changes, our deeds and choices we make also change. These changes also make changes in our lives. I came to realize this a few years after I started listening to Mr. Rapt. I guarantee that the God’s words he tells bring good changes into our lives through our deeds and his blessings. God lead us to grow up. God leads us to develop our abilities and talents to make our lives prosperous.

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  1. Hello man, here from South America. Could you give more details about rapt theory for those who are not familiar with his/her native language, I checked the rapt youtube channel and it’s not even in English.
    Thanks for sharing your experiences. Best vibes.

    • Hi thank you for your comment.

      His native language is Japanese, and his theory is not available in other languages yet. It’s been getting popular in Japan though. He started writing a blog about conspiracy, and as he discovered something new and exposed lies and evil deeds of the illuminati, he connected all the dots. This is how it has become the Rapt theory. It covers a lot of subjects, so it is a bit hard to put into words.

      He is making e-magazine, so you might be able to read it in English once it is released and translated.

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